Friday, January 23, 2009

this month in fashion magazines

i know it is very late now to post what are the issues for this month, but ill put it anyway.

PREVIEW - Its Kris Aquino again on the cover of this month's (and February) issue of Summit's Media PREVIE MAGAZINE. She first appeared on the cover of Preview last November of 2007, wearing all black clothes. Now she is opposing to her previous cover as she is donning an all white ensemble...from black to white

MEGA - If I am not mistaken, this is the first January issue of Mega Magazine. As far as I know, they used to publish it as Dec-Jan issue, covering two months in 1 issue.
For this issue they feature actress and one of MEGA's WOMEN TO WATCH FOR 2009, Rhian Ramos.

not the actual cover

i havent bought any of the two issues yet, but might be next week. i'm getting the preview, its far better... i think... =)

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