Friday, January 30, 2009

judging the cover (FHM and Maxim) february 2009

hello once again guys. Its been say, a while since I have posted an entry here, which is a normal thing for me. Like, I have a gazillion blogs before which NORMALLY have around 2 entry life span. But anyways, I promised myself to keep this blog for2 more... just kidding. well, I promised myself to keep this blog alive, as my life is depending on it. weew..

so give me time to refresh my melamine-filled brain as I am trying to remember when was the last time I bought a magazine. hmmm..

so while thinking, I might as well give you some insights of whats up for the men;s magazines for February:

MAXIM - The evening variety show TV Patrol reported a few days ago that PBB former housemate and doesn't-look-like-anorexic-but-actually-is-one assumptionista Nina Jose graces the cover of this month's men's rag from ABS-CBN publication. This towering lady first graced in a cover of a men's magazine March of last year in FHM, together with Hazel Ann Mendoza.

judging the cover: hmmm not a big fan of maxim since it became boring (read:Mariel Rodriguez), but this one is a promise. The cover But promises are made to be broken, so....

FHM - I am calling all males who were alive and horny when sex kittens ruled the world (the Philippine showbiz, that is), as this month's FHM offering is not one, not two, but three, clothing endorsement-free ladies from the past. I am talking about Viva Hot Babe's original band leaders - Maui Taylor, Katya Santos (is she thinner now or what? what.), and Andrea del Rosario.

verdict: smut! smut! smut! the fhm's glory days are back, i guess. Look at the papaya, it looks like Katya has a.... oh yeah....

So there. I suck at ending paragraph so I'm gonna leave you hanging...

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