Friday, January 30, 2009

judging the cover (FHM and Maxim) february 2009

hello once again guys. Its been say, a while since I have posted an entry here, which is a normal thing for me. Like, I have a gazillion blogs before which NORMALLY have around 2 entry life span. But anyways, I promised myself to keep this blog for2 more... just kidding. well, I promised myself to keep this blog alive, as my life is depending on it. weew..

so give me time to refresh my melamine-filled brain as I am trying to remember when was the last time I bought a magazine. hmmm..

so while thinking, I might as well give you some insights of whats up for the men;s magazines for February:

MAXIM - The evening variety show TV Patrol reported a few days ago that PBB former housemate and doesn't-look-like-anorexic-but-actually-is-one assumptionista Nina Jose graces the cover of this month's men's rag from ABS-CBN publication. This towering lady first graced in a cover of a men's magazine March of last year in FHM, together with Hazel Ann Mendoza.

judging the cover: hmmm not a big fan of maxim since it became boring (read:Mariel Rodriguez), but this one is a promise. The cover But promises are made to be broken, so....

FHM - I am calling all males who were alive and horny when sex kittens ruled the world (the Philippine showbiz, that is), as this month's FHM offering is not one, not two, but three, clothing endorsement-free ladies from the past. I am talking about Viva Hot Babe's original band leaders - Maui Taylor, Katya Santos (is she thinner now or what? what.), and Andrea del Rosario.

verdict: smut! smut! smut! the fhm's glory days are back, i guess. Look at the papaya, it looks like Katya has a.... oh yeah....

So there. I suck at ending paragraph so I'm gonna leave you hanging...

Friday, January 23, 2009

this month in fashion magazines

i know it is very late now to post what are the issues for this month, but ill put it anyway.

PREVIEW - Its Kris Aquino again on the cover of this month's (and February) issue of Summit's Media PREVIE MAGAZINE. She first appeared on the cover of Preview last November of 2007, wearing all black clothes. Now she is opposing to her previous cover as she is donning an all white ensemble...from black to white

MEGA - If I am not mistaken, this is the first January issue of Mega Magazine. As far as I know, they used to publish it as Dec-Jan issue, covering two months in 1 issue.
For this issue they feature actress and one of MEGA's WOMEN TO WATCH FOR 2009, Rhian Ramos.

not the actual cover

i havent bought any of the two issues yet, but might be next week. i'm getting the preview, its far better... i think... =)

Thursday, January 22, 2009


lately Ive been seeing a lot of studio shots of Patani over the net. hmmm is this a sign of a potential FHM cover? hmmm watch out, this coming february.... =)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

back from the weekend off: ITS REALLY THE YEAR OF THE HOT MOMMAS!

hello guys i've just arrived from my Camiguin trip. well, its not really all R&R but at least it was a complete different sight from the hurly burly city life, probably what i needed for some time now.

anyways i grabbed a copy FHM Philippines January 2009 edition last Friday. I brought it along with me to Camiguin to read it while on the road. It was a misfortune that a part of the magazine was torn, due to bad weather. it was drizzling while I was riding on a habal-habal, so my bag became wet and some parts inside, including my mag! but i dried it up fast (including my clothes). so it is still readable. Anyway, I have finished reading it while on the road.

The first issue of the year features beauty queen Carlene Aguilar, our delegate sent to Miss World last 2005, where she placed in the semis. Carlene Aguilar will always be known as the girl that got impregnated by Dennis Trillo. She is one hot mama now and how hot she really is!

IM not really sure what their theme for the shoot is but Im guessing wet queen?

Also featured babes inside are: Avi Siwa, Jenny Tran and some others. (Ill put them up once I remember them all)

Also featured is celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain.

What I really do anticipate during the first issue of the year is the freebie calendar. this year, what really surprises me is that most of the featured calendar girls are hot mommas! Katherine Luna! Paloma! Jamilla Obispo! now I am officially calling this year "the year of the hot mommas!"

I really like Carlene's interview. Her interview really shows how not an airhead she is. The pics did not really amaze me because Ive read somewhere about a coffee table book with ladies posing inside a gigantic aquarium with water half-full. Its not really new. It is sooooo Xander Angeles. But props to her because I have never thought Carlene regained hotness since her birth with son Calix. In fact, she was monolithic after her birth with son Calix.

Avi Siwa is at it again. Im not really sure as well if she is into attention or she is just really wild as she thinks she is, but I think shes not really that appealing, at all. Nice pictures though, its hotter compared to her first FHM appearance (covergirl, October 2004).

Anthony Bourdain deserves the rockstar status. He is one witty guy. And Im really glad he visited Manila. Although its not a surprise anymore because I have read an interview with him in Rogue last December (I miss Rogue, they will be back February), but still he is one cool chef.

SO that is pretty much about it for this issue. Im rating it:


Friday, January 16, 2009

MAG MAN Volume 1 Issue 1 - an affair for life

As far as I can remember, my love affair with magazines started when I was in 2nd year college. Prior to that, I thought of magazines as something that only gives you enough reason to pass time, something you can assume as your company inside a toilet, and something you can assassinate a fly with. During those days, men's magazines were a no-no for me because I used to think its all smut. I used to think fashion magazines are nothing but expensive 'it' bags and more expensive 'it' bags. I also used to think that society magazines are poorly layouted pictures of socialites and wannabes flashing their smiles and knowing that they will come out of society magazines, all for our rainforest's expense.

But it all changed one rainy August afternoon..

Isn't it a lovely day to get a good tan?

It was after my Filipino Language class when my cousin asked me to go with her in the mall. I came for the reason she's going to treat me snacks. When we were already inside the mall, we chanced upon a magazine stall. It could have been an ordinary checking out, until I saw this magazine cover...

the reason for my addiciton

Its a men's magazine that features Angelu de Leon in the cover. Angelu de Leon. A former teen idol. A single mom. A very bubbly and cheeky person. She is someone I'd never thought would grace a men's magazine like this. I said to myself "Wow, Id buy one." Unfortunately that day I didnt have enough money to buy one.

I anticipatingly waited for the day Im already able to buy one. Eventually I had bought one, eyeing it as a boy would eye a toy car. When I brought it home, I went immediately straight to my room, ripping the plastic sheet off, and read it from cover to cover, looking at the model's seductive poses, agreeing to every article written. It was really overwhelming. And since then, I knew I am hooked, and its going to stay.

Apparently, that issue was given bad reviews. It was criticized by most of that magazine fans, saying the pictures not really sexy, she's not worth the pages, no nipples revealed. During the time when sex kittens- who are willing to be taken a photo while spreading legs, for a serving of gourmet coffee -were the eye-candy of the public and the media, I couldnt blame them. But for me, it didnt really matter. What matters for me is what is inside and what is written on the pages. The pictures, the stories, the people - everything. And as I have said, I am hooked.

Right now I own a lot of magazines that can make Beast blush (both Hank McCoy and the one that Belle is dating). When I was still studying, I always brought one to school, no matter how scantily clad the lady in the cover is. I gleefully let friends borrow, but I would frown when they return it with crumples and folded pages (or worse, torn pages) - and with that, I make mental notes t myself not to let that creature borrow my magazines, again.

But I still think that society magazines are poorly layouted pictures of socialites and wannabes flashing their smiles and knowing that they will come out of society magazines, all for our rainforest's expense. =)

*In this blog, you'll be fed with upcoming issues, reviews, news, and whatnots about magazines. This blog is entirely dedicated to that purpose. As of this moment, I have bought two new magazines, yesterday I bought one. So, I have to go and read it.

Catch you again later,